Wound Healing

Welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss on wound healing,complications of wound healing,Hemorrhage . Complications of Wound Healing Several untoward events can interfere with the healing of a wound. These include hemorrhage, infection, and dehiscence and evisceration. Read more on: Dr. Rashel Body Lotion Review HEMORRHAGE Some escape of blood from a […]

Contemporary Health Issue

Welcome to my blog,today we are going to discuss on contemporary health issues. Introduction To Contemporary Health Issues At helping student acquire knowledge, attributes and skills necessary for promoting health decisions, achieving health literacy (health education), adopting health-enhancing behaviors and promoting the health of others. Contemporary health issues are formulated as health-related events that are […]

Nutrition In Health

Welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss on essential nutrients and their dietary sources and also the type of nutrition What Is Nutrition Nutrition is the sum of all the interactions between an organism and the food it consumes. In other words, nutrition is what a person eats and love the body […]

Details On What Respiration Is

Welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss Respiration,mechanics and regulations of breathing and factors affecting respiration. Read more on: Oesophagus What Is Respirations?? Respiration is the act of breathing. Inhalation or inspiration refers to the intake of air into the lungs. Exhalation or expiration refers to breathing out or the movement of […]

Details On Body Temperature

Welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss on body temperature, regulation of body temperature,factors affecting body temperature and the alternation in body temperature Alternations In Body Temperature The normal range for adults is considered to be between 36°C and 37.5°C (96.8°F to 99.5°F). There are two primary alterations in bodytemperature: pyrexia and […]

Body Fluids,Electrolyte,And Acid-Base Balance

Welcome to my blog,today we will be discussing body fluids and electrolytes,distribution of body fluids, composition of body fluids Introduction Of Body Fluids In good health, a delicate balance of fluids, electrolytes,acids and bases maintain the body. The balance or homeostasis depends on multiple physiological process that regulate fluid intake and out put as well […]

Large Intestine,Rectum And Anal Canal

The large intestine is about 1.5 metres long, beginning at the calcum in the right iliac fossa and terminating at the rectum and anal canal. Its lumen is about 6,5 cm in diameter, larger than that of the small intestine. It forms an arch round the coiled-up small intestine For descriptive purposes the large intestine […]

Obstructive Lung Disorder

obstructive lung disorders are characterised by blockage of airflow through the airways. Obstruction may be chronic. Bronchitis Acute bronchitisThis is usually a secondary bacterial infection of the bronchi, preceded by a common cold or influenza, and may also complicate measles and whooping cough in children. Viral infection depresses normal defence mechanisms, allowing pathogenic bacteria already […]

Details Of Leukemia

Welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss on Leukemia and it’s causes Leukaemia Leukaemia is a malignant proliferation of white blood cell precursors by the bone marrow. It results in the uncontrolled increase in the production of leukocytes and/ or their precursors. As the tumour cells enter the blood the total leukocyte […]


The term ‘hypertension’ is used to describe a level of blood pressure that, taking all other cardiovascular risk factors into account, would benefit the patient if reduced. Blood pressure readings where systolic and diastolic valuesare below 130 / 85 mmHg, respectively, areconsidered normal. Essential hypertension Essential hypertension (hypertension of unknown cause) is very common in […]