Details On Urinary Tract Infection

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Urinary Tract Infection

It is important to remember that urinary tract infection is not a normal part of aging and often is treatable. The preliminary assessment and identify of the symptoms of UI are truly within the scope of Nursing pratice. All clients should be asked about their voiding patterns. Older adults who are incontinent while in their home or who manage to contain of conceal their inconsistency from others do not consider themselves inconsistent. Therefore if asked if they are incontinent, they may deny it. However asking if they lose urine when they cough, sneeze or laugh or if they need to use some type of incontinenence product may provide more accurate information.

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Clinical Alert

If the client has any type of incontinence, recommend the use of incontinence pads because they are designed to absorb urine as opposed to feminine hygiene pads.

Maintaining Normal Urinary Elimination

Most interventions to maintain normal urinary elimination are independent nursing functions. These include promoting adequate fluid intake ,maintaining normal voiding habit and assisting with toileting.

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Promoting Fluid Intake

Increasing fluid intake increases urine production, which in turn stimulates the micturition reflex. A normal daily intake averaging 1,500ml of measure fluids for most adult clients. Many client have measured fluid requirements,necessitating a higher daily fluid intake. For example,clients who are perspiring excessively or who are experiencing abnormal fluid losses through vomiting, gastric suction, diarrhea, or wound drainage require fluid to replace these losses.

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